The wobblin' toboggans is a series of animated sledding and singing Christmas characters As Well As Characters From Nickelodeon, Rankin Bass, Peanuts And Disney made in 2012-2019 In 2015 Gemmy Released A Dora The Explorer Version. They glide along a hard smooth surface while singing a Christmas tune. Gemmy only made one in 2019 as the remake and it was called the Epic Unicorn on Sled.

Character ListEdit

Santa-Jingle Bells

Snowman-Deck the Halls

Penguin-Sleigh Ride

Reindeer-Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Rudolph-Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Frosty-Frosty the snowman

Dora-Jingle Bells

Spongebob-Jingle bells (Insturmental)

M&M-Upon the housetop

Kermit the frog-Jingle bells

Animal-Deck the halls

Snoopy-Linus and Lucy

Epic Unicorn on Sled 2019 remake-Believe

Charlie brown-Linus and lucy

Woodstock-Linus and Lucy

Mickey Mouse-Jingle bells

Minnie Mouse-We wish you a merry Christmas

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