The Turtle Dancers are a series of animated dancing turtles made in 2006, yet sold in 2007. Each one dances to a different song. According to the Gemmy website, they also all had names. But only the first ones made did, the rest were named according to the song they played.


Cha Cha Slide (Green) Hair/Bald

Chicken Dance (Green)

Macarena (Blue) Get Down On It (Green)

Funky Town (Green)

Electric Slide (Green)

I Like To Move It (Brown)

Let It Whip (Green)

These Boots Are Made For Walking (Green)

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Green)

You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Valentines)

Mister Roboto (Green)

Ketchup Song (Red)

I Love To Love You Baby (Valentines)

Funky Town (Valentines)

Bootylicious (Green)

Funky Town & Dropped A bomb on Me Mix (Green)

Groovin' Turtles - Get Down on It (Rubber)

Groovin' Turtles - Funky Town (Rubber)


Save a horse Ride a Cowboy (Green)

Unknown Sample Turtle

Numa Numa (existence unconfirmed) 


Interestingly enough, some of the Turtle Dancers move the same way as the Funky Monkeys.

They are not worth much money and have little demand over the collectors

The hardest to find turtle is "Save a horse Ride a Cowboy"