Spider Vision Skull (also known as Spider-Eye Skull) was an animated Halloween decoration made in 2010. When activated, a spider would come out of the skulls right eye while he lit up and spoke one of several phrases.

Phrases Edit

  • "Yes, come closer. Come right up...this way..." [Laughs]
  • "At last...I've waited so long for this moment!" [Laughs]
  • "I'd turn back if I were you" [Laughs]
  • "We have been waiting for you..." [Laughs]

Trivia Edit

  • The skull reused the same mold as the Strobe Light Skull.
    • The audio was also reused from a number of props from around that time.

Video Edit

Gemmy Halloween 2011 Spider-Eye Scary Skull

Gemmy Halloween 2011 Spider-Eye Scary Skull

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