Really Wild Wildlife is a series of animated stuffed  animals from 2002-2004. Each one is unique in their own way. Some sing songs, some talk, some even make their own animal sounds. Their packages/tags show facts and trivia about the real life versions of the animals in the series.

Items In The SeriesEdit

Spike the Rocking Porcupine-Dances and plays "Everybody have fun tonight"

Big Band Big Belly Boogie Bear-Dances and plays "It don't mean a thing" & "Boogie woogie bugle boy" + talks

Eager Edgar the groovin' Elephant-Dances and plays "Jungle boogie"

Groovin' Gorilla -Dances and plays "Jungle boogie"

Swinging Monkey -kicks his legs and makes monkey noises

Curious Cow -Dances and plays "Chicken dance"

Hopping Frog -Springs up and down and makes croaking noises and laughs

Rappin' Croc -Dances and plays "Gonna make you sweat"

Jivin' iguana -Dances and plays "Can you move it like this"

Iguana 2-Dances and plays "Boom Shak-a-Lak"

Crocodile 2- Dances and plays "Bust a Move"

Bal Baboon-Laughs and kicks feet


-These were sold at walmart when they first came out in 2002-2004.

-The swinging monkey comes in many designs and forms

-Curious Cow has the same chicken dance recording as Cornelius the Chicken, Choking chicken, and the Chick dancing hamster.

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