The pop culture series is a series of animated figures on popular entertainers made in 2001-2004. Each one moves its head, hips and/or arms while singing a classic song or performing a classic comedy routine. There is a Barack Obama figure made in 2008 that is similar to the 2004 mini figures, but it is NOT in the pop culture series.

Gemmy Pop Culture series

Gemmy pop culture series

People in the series

Louis Armstrong

Dean Martin

Xmas Dean Martin

Bing Crosby

Xmas bing crosby

Rocky Balboa

Hank Williams Jr


Abbott and Costello

James Brown

Rodney Dangerfield

John Belushi

The Three Stooges

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton

I Love Lucy

Frank Sinatra (Unreleased)

Barney Fife (Unreleased)

Elton John (Unreleased)

Yogi Berra (Unreleased)

Eminem (Unreleased)

Elvis Presley (Unreleased for this series)


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