Lucky tom's box

Lucky Tom the talking turkey's box

Lucky tom the talkin' turkey

Lucky Tom the talking singing turkey

Lucky Tom is an animated turkey head made in 2000. He gives the realistic apperance of an actual turkey. When activated, his head turns and mouth moves as he sings "I Fought The Man And The Man Won" and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and also speaks 12 different hysterical phrases.


-This is possibly the third singing taxidemy head made by Gemmy. The second being Jake the singing jackalope and the first being buddy buck.

-The song "I Fought The Man and The Man Won" is actually a parody of the song "I Fought The Law and The Law Won".

-In the song "Hit me With Your Best Shot", Tom sings the song in a Pat Benetar impersonator's voice despite being a male character.

Gemmy Animated "Lucky Tom The Talking Singing Turkey"

Gemmy Animated "Lucky Tom The Talking Singing Turkey"

Lucky Tom in action