The Life-Size Michael Myers is an animatronic line produced by Gemmy in 2009-10, and was reincarnated in 2020.

First GenerationEdit

The original 2009 version is based on Myers' appearance from Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of John Carpenter's "Halloween" (1978). It has on an old gray mask and stained brown jumpsuit. It was exclusively sold at Spirit Halloween in 2009.

Second GenerationEdit

The 2010 version is based Michael's appearance from "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later" (1998). It has on a white mask and navy jumpsuit.

Remake (2020) Edit

Gemmy remade Michael Myers for 2020. He sports a brighter blue jumpsuit and a shiny plastic mask with his eyes visible. The arm holding the knife moves up and down as it plays the "Halloween" theme.


Both of the initial versions share the same hand, feet, and knife sculpts, and are functionally identical. When activated by the button or motion sensor, the heads and eyes move left to right and raise and lower the arm holding the knife while the "Halloween" theme plays against Michael's heavy breathing. 


  • A prototype H20 version has visible eyes instead of the released version's black eye holes.
  • Another prototype H20 version is almost identical to the released version except the knife is being held by the left hand instead of the right hand.
  • There was a prototype "hybrid" that was identical to the H20 version except that it had a rob zombie head with red light up eyes instead of the normal H20 version's head.



  • A prototype of the H20 version was shown in a video shot at Spirit Halloween‘s flagship store in 2010.
  • There was a miniature version made with the jumpsuit of the Rob Zombie Michael produced.
New Animated Michael Myers Prop (First Released Video)

New Animated Michael Myers Prop (First Released Video)

Rob Zombie Michael Myers in action.

Gemmy Animated Lifesize Michael Myers

Gemmy Animated Lifesize Michael Myers

H2O version in action

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