Donna the Dead is a character made by Gemmy in 2006 and has been used for a variety of decorations, Life Sizes, Floating Ghouls , and more.

The original was simply called "Poseable Bride", and was made in 2006 along with the Shaking Spirits Bride. The life size Donna and the Michael's version holding a jack-o-lantern were made in 2007. The Spirit Halloween version, referred Donna to as "Ghost Girl With Head", and came out in 2008

The poseable variant wears a wedding veil and a black dress.

The Michael's variant is the same as the original, except it holds a pumpkin in its left hand.

Trivia Edit

  • The pumpkin that the Michael's exclusive version holds is also used for the Halloween Lamp Post, and a variant of the lifesize scarecrow.
  • The Spirit Halloween version holds a head that was also in the Haunted Heads series.
  • She has an official website. Link:

Models Edit

  • Poseable Bride (2006)
  • Life Size Donna the Dead (White gown) (2007)
  • Michael's exclusive Life Size Donna the Dead (Ivory gown, holding jack-o-lantern) (2007)
  • Spirit Halloween exclusive Life Size Ghost Girl With Head (Black gown, holding knife and head) (2008)
Gemmy 5ft Donna the Dead

Gemmy 5ft Donna the Dead. Donna the Dead

Video of Donna the Dead in action.

5FT - Donna the Dead

5FT - Donna the Dead

Setup video for Donna the Dead

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