The Kung Fu Hamster is one of Gemmy's most famous toys aside from Big Mouth Billy Bass. It spins a pair of nun-chucks and sings a hamster version of "Kung Fu Fighting". He also twists and turns to give the allusion that he's really fighting. These were first made in 2001 and were one of the most popular Dancing Hamsters in the series.

Dancing Hamsters-Kung Fu

Kung Fu Hamster in the box


-Funtime Gifts also made these as well.

-These can come in white vests (like the video below) or black vests (like the image above).

-Some have different weapons in its hand, like a shield or mace.

-They also made a mini hamster of this in 2006, another large one in 2012 featuring the hamsters' new design, and another one in 2015 that only spins his nun chucks.

-This was the very first hamster with fur made after the rubber hamsters.

-There is also a turtle made by Gemmy that sings this song in the same voice and moves the same way.

-There are Bootleg versions of these hamsters.

-Gemmy has remade the kung fu hamster into completely different products numerous times. The  kung fu turtle, bunny, panda and Santa are only a few of the items  gemmy created from the original hamster version.

Dancing Hamster Collection KUNG FU "Kung Fu Fighting"

Dancing Hamster Collection KUNG FU "Kung Fu Fighting"

Kung Fu Hamster in action.