Hip Swinging Skeleton is an animated Halloween decoration made in 1998. He wears a gray tuxedo with a black vest and a black top hat with a red stripe. He swings his hips back and forth and moves his arms up and down while singing "Puttin' on the Ritz".
Gemmy HIP SWINGING SKELETON PLAYS ''Puttin' On The Ritz'' While Dancing New in Box 2

Hip swinging skeleton with box

IMG 4473

Hip Swinging Skeleton with alternate box


  • There is a sitting version of this item that holds a cane.
  • There is a dancing hamster called Dapper Dan with the same recording as this item, but the recording of the song is sped up and the voice is slightly different.
  • The later models of this item have a different hip swinging mechanism, and the music is sped up and slightly extented at the end compared to the first ones, as shown here.
Gemmy - Hip Swinging Skeleton (Video)

Gemmy - Hip Swinging Skeleton (Video)

Hip Swinging Skeleton in action

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