Hip swinging Casper is an animated Halloween figure made in 1998, and is based on the cartoon character "Casper the ghost". Casper is dressed in a pumpkin costume complete with a jack-o-lantern face and a green leaf necklace. He swings his hips back and forth and moves his arms up and down while his theme song "Casper the friendly ghost" plays.

Casper the Friendly Ghost - HIP SWINGING CASPER Dancing HALLOWEEN

Hip swinging Casper in the box

Trivia Edit

-This is a very rare Hip Swinging Figure. This is one of the rarest ever made. Hip Swinging Disco Dino is currently believed to be #1.

-The base of this hip swinging figure is the opposite color of other hip swinging figures.

Gemmy Singing dancing casper the friendly ghost

Hip swinging Casper

Gemmy animated hip swinging Casper (RARE)

Gemmy animated hip swinging Casper (RARE)

Hip Swinging Casper in action

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