The hip swinging bears are made in 1998. There's a boy one and a girl one. The Boy Bear wears red overalls with a red and green square patterned shirt underneath. The girl bear wears a red dress with a shirt underneath and bow on her head with the same pattern. The boy bear sings "Here comes Santa Claus" as he moves his arms up and down and his hips moves side to side. The girl bear sings "Santa Claus is coming to town" as she moves her arms up and down and her hips move side to side.
Gemmy hip swinging girl and boy bears 5

Hip swinging bears' boxes

Set of 2 18 Inch Tall Holiday Bears

Hip swinging bears

Gemmy Animated Hip Swinging Bear (Rare)

Gemmy Animated Hip Swinging Bear (Rare)

Hip swinging boy bear in action

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