The Hip Hop Dawgz is a series of animated plush rapping dogs made in 2007-2009. Each one is dressed in a cool outfit and plays a popular hip hop/rap song while dancing.

List of Hip Hop DawgzEdit

-Rotwiller-"In da club"

-Bulldog-"This is why i'm hot"

-Black lab-"Souja boy (Crank Dat)"

-Female Bulldog-"Umbrella"

-Doberman-"Party like a rockstar"

-Valentine Rotwiller-"In da club"

-Valentine Bulldog-"This is why I'm hot"

-Graduation Doberman-"Party like a rockstar"

-Christmas Doberman-"Jingle Bells Rap"

-Christmas white dog-"It's Christmas time"


-The bulldog has the same recording as the Devil Grave Ravers.