The Hanging Pumpkin Ghoul is an animated Halloween decoration made in 2017-2019. When activated, the face of the pumpkin appears as he says phrases and his mouth moves. The pumpkin ghoul was sold exclusively at Target for 2017, but returned in 2018, sold at At Home. however he was made by Sunstar and he has different phrases and clothes. The original target version was sold in 2018 as well, and brought back in 2019.


Hanging Pumpkin Ghoul

Phrases Edit

  • "(Groaning sounds) Boo! (Laughs)”
  • "(Groaning sounds) Trick, or Treat? (Laughs)
  • "(Laughter)"
  • "(Moaning) I see you! (Laughs)"
  • "Happy Halloween!"
  • "(Moaning) Candy? (Laughs)"


  • Sunstar Industries, the sister company of Gemmy Industries, made another version of this item with different clothes and hands that speaks phrases from the older Tornado Globes and the Spirits of Fire. This version also had a different face, with glittery specks appearing every time the face lit up.
  • This item shares the same phrases as the small skull with eyeballs Spirit Ball as well as some unreleased phrases for the small skull with eyeballs Spirit Ball.
Gemmy hanging talking pumpkin headed ghoul

Gemmy hanging talking pumpkin headed ghoul

Hanging Pumpkin Ghoul in action

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