This is one of the four caged skeletons made by Gemmy in 2007. This one in particular was sold exclusively at Target.

Gemmy industries shaking skeleton in cage prop

Gemmy industries shaking skeleton in cage prop

"OK I promise! I'll never walk across your lawn again! Can't you see I've learned my lesson? Come on!"

"Hey come on! This is all just a big misunderstanding! I said I wanted to be "engaged" not "in-caged".

"Won't somebody please just move my cage a little? 100 years of the same view is driving me nuts!"

"Hey! Wait a minute! This isn't what I expected when you said you had a house I can afford! Help!"

Trivia Edit

  • It reuses its mold from Mr. Bone Jangles but with different hands and modified for electronics.
  • This item uses the same background music as the Zultan fortune teller.
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