Graves the Fat Butler is an animated Halloween lifesize made in 2007. It is a gray skinned butler that is, as his name suggests, fatter than the previous Lifesize Butler and Edwardian Butler. Graves wears a black suit with white cuffs and pinstripe pants, an intricately designed orange undergarment and white undershirt with collar. He also holds a candy dish in his leftnhand. When activated, Graves' eyes light up yellow as he turns his head side to side, moves his eyes and moves his mouth while speaking a phrase.


  • "Good evening. I would offer you a drink, but I fear you might become suspicious..."
  • "I say, you are looking wonderful this evening! But then again, I say a lot of things..."
  • "Care for something? I highly recommend you first ensure it has been properly prepared... touch it, and see if it moves!"
  • "I hope you'll enjoy these delicacies. They'll surprise you - one bite is like a knife in the back!"
  • "I do hope i'll not have to clean up after anybody tonight. And I do mean, any BODY!"
  • "As I understand it, the master is indisposed at the moment. Please be patient, as its quite difficult to dispose of certain things these days."
  • "Please, take one of my treats! Sure, they are bad for your health... but then again... so is upsetting ME."
  • "So good of you to come! We've begun run short of friends around here. But, you'll probably make it out in one piece."


  • A microphone was included with him so that one could karaoke your voice through Graves, while his head turns and eyes shift.
  • Graves can also be patched into a stereo to play music.
  • Like other Gemmy Butlers, ebay and other second-hand websites and stores often sell him missing his candy dish.
  • Graves has the second most amount of phrases out of any Gemmy Butler. The first is the 2nd Generation Edwardian Butler, with 9 phrases.
  • Graves was the first Gemmy Butler to not feature a chest-moving, or breathing animation (Although an error on his box mentions him being able to do so)
  • Graves is the second Gemmy butler to recieve an official name, with the first being the original Lifesize Butler being given the official name of 'Wade'.
  • The phrase where he mentions running out of friends actually cuts off after “but you’ll probably“ due to a programming error.


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