The Glow Ups are lighted indoor/outdoor Halloween decorations made in 2003-2007. Each one features a string of lighted body parts, or a character's head and limbs, to give the illusion that said character is buried underground. When plugged in, the lights fade on and off or alternate until unplugged. On some models, like Donna the Dead and Rick Amortus, the lights flash on and off. The variety of Glow Ups feature various different designs such as characters with heads and limbs protruding from the earth, ghostly footprints and even pathway markers.

List of Glow Ups Characters and DecorationsEdit

  • Skeleton
  • Crashed Witch
  • Ghostly Footprints
  • Skeleton Feet
  • Skull Pathway Markers
  • Eyeball Pathway Markers
  • Mummy 
  • Donna the Dead
  • Rick Amortus
  • Rick Amortus (version 2 with normal Skeleton's hands, feet and ribs)

Non-Gemmy LookalikesEdit

There are many non-Gemmy lighted groundbreakers that resemble Glow Ups but are in fact made by other companies. Sienna, a lighting company, is responsible for making many of these Glow Up reminiscent groundbreakers, including (but not limited to):

  • Marcus the Carcass
  • Napoleon Blownapart
  • Manny the Mummy
  • Luke the Spook
  • Pirate Pete
  • Vinnie the Vanishing Vampire
  • Benny Bones
  • Werewolf with Heart (like Manny the Mummy)
  • Zombie with Heart (like Manny the Mummy)
  • Skull and Hands Groundbreaker (green, orange and white)

These decorations are NOT Glow Ups nor are they gemmy by any means.


Glow Ups Crashed Witch

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