Giles the Butler

Giles The Undead Butler is an animated lifesize made in 2009. He is dressed in a black jacket with a brown vest, a ruffle, black boots and holds a candelabra. When activated his eyes and candelabra light up as he moves his head, eyes, and mouth to 3 different phrases.

Phrases Edit

  • Ah, more guests. Please leave your body at the door and do come in! (laughs)
  • "Welcome. Lovely evening for a fright isn't it? (laughs)"
  • " I don't believe we've met. At least not on this side of the grave! (laughs)"

Where this item was soldEdit

This item was sold exclusively at BJ's.

Trivia Edit

  • He has the same phrases as the Quivering Doorman
  • Giles, Quivering Doorman, Midnight Countess, and the Top Hat Skeleton Butler are the only life sizes to hold a candelabra.
  • He has the same face as Dr. Shivers.
  • He has the same outfit as the Edwardian Butler.


Giles the Undead Butler in action


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