The Ghost Girl is an animated Halloween prop made in 2012. It is a ghostly girl dressed in white with cheesecloth accents, and featuring an elongated face with a horrified facial expression, eyes widened and mouth agape. She also has inflatable arms that lay at her sides when not activated. When activated, her body slowly rises while illuminated and once fully risen, the ghost girl raises her head, which also lights up, and her arms inflate and flail back and forth as she moans and makes other scary noises. 

Where it Was SoldEdit

This item Was Sold at Spirit Halloween in 2012.


  • This is Gemmy's first (and currently only) animatronic featuring inflatable parts.
  • Originally considered lifesize, the ghost girl stands at a rather short 3.5 feet tall, then rises to almost 5 feet in length, meaning she only becomes lifesize when fully risen.
  • Sold exclusively at Spirit Halloween in 2012 for $179.99.
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