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Life size Ghastly Groom

The Ghastly Groom is an animated Halloween life size made in 2008. He is dressed in a black pinstripe suit with a top hat. When activated his body will rotate as his head shakes and he says phrases.

Phrases Edit

  • "My bride to be is quite precious. I've loved her ever since the day I died! (Laughs)"
  • "Welcome to our wedding party. We've been DYING for you to arrive! (Laughs)"
  • "I'm so lucky to marry her. All my groomsmen are DEATHLY PALE with envy! (Laughs)"
  • "You look like you've seen a ghost. Ah, then you must have met my bride! (Laughs)"
  • "Yet another wedding guest comes to hang around. Well very soon we will be tying the knot! (Laughs)"

Trivia Edit

  • He was meant to go with the Beheaded Bride
  • He was only sold at Michael's
Gemmy Animated 5' Ghastly Groom

Gemmy Animated 5' Ghastly Groom

Ghastly Groom in action

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