Frankie The Fish

Frankie the Fish

Frankie the Fish is a singing fish plaque that was made in 2009, based on an advertising campaign from McDonald's to promote the Filet-O-Fish sandwich. He's a blue cod-like fish mounted on an oval shaped plaque that turns his head outward and sings his unique song, "Gimme Back That Filet-O-Fish".

"Gimme Back That Filet-O-Fish" (Lyrics)Edit

Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fish!

Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fish!

What if it were you hanging up on this wall?

If it were you in that sandwich, you wouldn't be laughing at all!

So gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fish!

Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish, gimme that fish!


Trivia Edit

  • Frankie the Fish has three settings he can be set to by flicking a switch on his back: "Original", where he sings his song at the push of a button; "Sensor", where he is instead set off by his small motion detector; and "Remix", where he sings a club remix of "Gimme Back That Filet-O-Fish" done by The American Dream Team.
  • The second "Gimme Back That Filet-O-Fish" commercial featured a variation of Frankie's song, replacing "you wouldn't be laughing at all" with "you wouldn't be getting this call".
  • The concept of singing fish in McDonald's commercials would later be revived in 2013 for the Fish McBites, with a commercial featuring smaller mounted fish singing "Fishy Fishy" (as seen here).
    • However, unlike Frankie, they did not receive a Gemmy singing animatronic fish counterpart, due to Fish McBites being a limited-time offer.
  • Unlike the other fish in the Gemmy singing fish line, who had a definite basis on real fish (i.e. largemouth bass, rainbow trout, etc.), Frankie is a more generic-looking fish, looking somewhat like a cod in shape and appearance, albeit missing the pelvic, anal, and second dorsal fins characteristic of typical cod.
  • Frankie the Fish is also the only Gemmy singing fish to be made for promotional purposes/based on an advertising campaign.
  • In March 2019, McDonald's launched a new-series of televised advertisements featuring the original Frankie the Fish to commemorate the 10-year anniversary.

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