The Floating Witch is a Gemmy Halloween prop made in 2006, and is part of the Floating Ghouls prop line. Two floating witch variants have been produced so far. The Floating Witch is a member of the Gemmy Floating Ghouls product line. It is suspended by 3 strings (one on the head, the other two on the hands) attached to a long black pole to create the appearance that it is floating in mid-air. The head and hands are supposed to all 'float' in a separate rhythm (ex. When the head moves down, the hands hover in place, when the hands move the head hovers in place) as to add to the ghostly floating effect.

Motion Activated Floating Witch with Sound and Light-Up Eyes

Floating Witch

Models and AppearanceEdit

2 floating witch variants have ever been created; one with black gauze, and the other with pink gauze. The witches share the same head as the Shaking Spirits witch. The hat is different than the Shaking Spirits witch, however, as the floating witch's hat is pointing straight up and has a star at the tip, and uses a yellow buckle. The hat is black on the black-cloth witch, and purple on the pink-cloth witch. The hair also differs on each witch, as the black cloth witch uses gray hair and the pink cloth witch uses blonde hair. The hands are the same as every other pre-2006 floating ghouls' (excluding the Mummy, Black Donna the dead, White Skeleton, friendly ghost, Zombie Skulls and scary skull's) hands, albeit green colored to match the skin. The black cloth variant is more common than the pink cloth variant. As of now, the pink cloth variant can only be found on Amazon.


  • The Floating Witch's head is reused from the Shaking Spirits line.
  • The reason the floating witch doesn't use the same witch phrase audio as the Shaking Spirits witch is because the phrases of the SS witch aren't long enough to last through the floating mechanism's operation time, meaning that the phrase audio will have ended long before the prop stopped moving. 
  • For this reason, the audio for the floating witch was changed from the standard talking witch audio to the screaming and laughing audio used by many props including the floating pirate, floating black cloth skeleton, Shaking Spirits reaper, ghoul and mummy, and the floating skull.
  • The witch uses the screaming and laughing soundtrack, an audio shared with multiple other props including the floating pirate and skeleton (black cloth).
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