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The Flirty Flashers are animated animals in robes made in 2005-2014, and brought back again in 2017, 2018 and 2020. Each one dances and opens and closes its robe, revealing a flashing heart with a Valentine message on it while a popular song plays, except for the Graduation frog, which is Graduation themed.


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frog ll I can't get enough you baby

Gorilla-Hard to handle

Gorilla II-I like to move it

Lion-I like to move it

Lion II-Ladies night

Lion III-Can't touch this

Girl fox-Come and get your love

Boy fox-Hard to handle

Girl frog-It's raining men

Bear-Get ready (Cause here i come)

Firefighter Dalmatian-Fire

Double Monkey-Just the two of us

Bulldog-Baby I need your loving

Bulldog II-I'm too sexy

Dauchand-Papa's got a brand new bag

Firefighter dalmation II-Fire burning

King lion-DJ got us falling in love

Hip Hop Bear-Scream

Prisoner bear-Locked out of hevean

Police Gorilla-I Know You Want Me

Pink Lion-Marvin Gaye

Sock Monkey-I'm too sexy

Selfie lion-Want to Want Me

Selfie Bear-Talk Dirty To Me

2018 Prisoner Bear-Wobble Baby

Unicorn -Pony

Graduation Frog-Celebration

Gradutaion frog II- High Pitch Celebration

Trivia Edit

-The first and original title of this series was called "Flirty Dancers" rather than "Flirty Flashers".

-There are 3 versions of the King Lion (4 if the 2012 version is counted) that look alike that sing different songs each. Version 1 sings "Can't touch this", Version 2 sings "Ladies night" and version 3 (Which is the most rare version) sings "I like to move it".

-There are also 2 versions of the bulldog with an identical appearance. Version 1 sings "Baby, I need your loving", and version 2 sings "I'm too sexy for my shirt".

-There are also 2 versions of the pink lion that look alike. One sings Marvin Gaye and the other sings "Want to Want Me" and holds a cell phone

-The only non Valentine themed Flirty Flasher is a Graduation Frog.

-There is a Russian knockoff of the raincoat gorilla that sings "Mambo No.5"

-There are 2 versions of the graduation frog, one that reveals a chalk board and sings celebration (normal pitch) and there is one that was remade that is almost identical, it was released around 2010-2011 and sings "celebration" in a high pitch voice, it reveals nothing but a hawaii flower necklace and different pants.

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