Edwardian Butler

Edwardian Butler


The Edwardian butler is an animated talking butler made by Gemmy in 2004-2010. His chest goes in and out to imitate a breathing sequence, He hums, moans, and talks as he moves his eyes and head left and right. He holds a tray for candy or light refreshments.

Phrases: Edit

  • "Thank you for joining us this evening. I hope I may be of some service."
  • "Ah, you've arrived come right in!"
  • "Good evening. The Master's been expecting you.."
  • "So glad you could make it!"
  • "Good Evening. Wonderful to see you here this evening"

2nd Generation Phrases Edit

These phrases were added to later versions of the Edwardian Butler

  • "Ahh...another guest! So good of you to come!"
  • "Make yourself at home. The Master will be about....shortly."
  • "Ahh...feel free to help yourself to one of my rrrrefreshments."
  • "Mmm...lately, I've been feeling a bit...poorly. How do I look?"
  • "I shall announce your presence to the Master...even though he already knows you're here...(chuckle)"
  • "I say, what a lovely outfit you're wearing tonight! It truly sets the appropriate mood for the evening."
  • "I bid you welcome to our humble abode. May I offer you something enticing?"
  • "Ah, welcome! Shall I stable your horse for you?"
  • "Ughh...come right in. Won't you join our festivities in the Grand Hall?"

Variants Edit

There are several different versions of the Edwardian Butler other than the normal version. They are as follows:

  • Rapping Edwardian Butler: Dressed exactly the same minus the candy tray. He moves his arm, body, head, eyes and mouth as he says phrases and sings "Rappers Delight"
  • Grey Haired Edwardian Butler: This version has a red vest instead and has grey hair. His face is also painted differently.
  • Burgundy Edwardian Butler: This version has a burgundy colored outfit, moving mouth and a different face. He also has 4 different phrases: "Are you sure you want to do that?" "Who dares take my candy?" "We'll just see what happens the next time you do that!" and "Happy Halloween. Trick or treat and here's your trick! (laughs)"


  • This is a remake of the original Life size Butler which has the same head model, same sounds, and phrases.
  • The 2nd Generation Edwardian Butler has the most phrases out of any Gemmy Butler to date.
  • Despite the name being thought of as Jeeves it is conformed by the Gemmy phantom portrait that the butler name is Mortimer.

Gallery Edit

Edwardian butler

Rapping Edwardian Butler's box

Images (4)

Burgundy Edwardian Butler

Images (5)

Grey haired Edwardian Butler

Rare Gemmy Animated Lifesize Edwardian Butler

Rare Gemmy Animated Lifesize Edwardian Butler

Rapping Edwardian Butler in action

Gemmy life size animated Edwardian Butler *Rare Version

Gemmy life size animated Edwardian Butler *Rare Version

Grey haired Edwardian Butler in action

Animated Edwardian Butler

Animated Edwardian Butler

Original Edwardian Butler in action

Gemmy Animated Burgundy Butler

Gemmy Animated Burgundy Butler

Burgundy Edwardian Butler in action

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