Decoy Roy is an animated decoy duck made in 2006. He gives the reaslictic apperance of a real mallard duck. He moves his mouth, head, neck, and tail as he sings "Free bird" and "Fly". He also says 10 hysterical phrases.
Decoy roy's box

Decoy Roy in the box


  • (Farts) "Hey, did someone step on a duck?" (Quacks)
  • "Rabbit season, duck season, mating season-it doesn't matter anymore, just shoot me-again!" (Quacks)
  • (Quacks) "Yodel-lay-he-hoo! I am a chick magnet!" (Quacks)
  • "Look what my last doctor did to me! Cheese fuga!" (Quacks)
  • "Hey, what do you call a mallard who looks at Chinese food recipes? A peeking duck!" (Laughs and quacks)
  • "I should've gotten that Aflac job! Luck duck!" (Quacks)
  • "I'll pick up the tab. Put it on my bill." (Quacks)
  • "I think I still have some buckshot in my..."(Quacks)
  • "Ya thought I was real, didn't ya!? (Laughs and quacks)
  • "Duck! (Quack) Duck! (Quack) Duck! (Quack) Goose! (Quack) Wooo! (Quacks)
  • I'm not a real duck! Don't get your feathers in a bunch! (Quacks)
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Decoy Roy

Gemmy Animated "Decoy Roy" The Talking Duck

Gemmy Animated "Decoy Roy" The Talking Duck

Decoy Roy in action