Dancing Hamsters are a series of singing and dancing hamsters made by Gemmy and Funtime Gifts/Funtime Inc. In 2001-2004. Each hamster has a unique name and outfit and sings a famous song in a hamster-like voice (high pitched) while dancing. The first hamster that was made was "Sleepy Simon" in 2001. He sings "Mr. Sandman". Simon, along with several other hamsters released in 2001 were made of rubber. Starting late that year, with the Kung Fu Hamster, they were made of plush. The line was discontinued in 2004-05, but hamsters released for Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Easter could be found in stores until at least 2008.

In 2006, Mini Hamsters were launched. They had the same singing and dancing feature as the originals, but were smaller and cartoony.

In 2012, Gemmy brought back the hamsters. They were larger and more cartoony than the originals, with larger eyes resembling those of the popular plush lines known for their big, sparkly eyes, "Beanie Boos" and "YooHoo and Friends". Several year-round hamsters were sold at Walgreen's, Big Lots, CVS, and Target from 2012-2013. Seasonal hamsters for Valentine's, Easter, and Christmas were also released during these years. No new hamsters were produced after 2013. Several special sets of hamsters were also produced.

Dancing Hamsters were revived again in 2015, this time looking closer to the original 2002 versions. They were sold from 2015-2018


  • Miniature Clip-ons of the Kung Fu Fighting, J-Tee,Jailhouse Rick, Hombre, Wild Willie, Blue, Sexy Rex, Carly and Sugar Ray Clay hamsters were released. Some of them played snippets of their original version's songs, and some played the entire song.
  • In 2003 - Military Hamsters were released. These hamsters were Sgt. Scruffy, Captain Carl, Sailor Seymour ,and Sgt.Murphy . During the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, the Military Hamsters all had yellow ribbons added to them. This is where the "Support our troops!" meaning comes from in the Gemmy advert for these.
  • - After the hamster's initial discontinuation, Romancin' Hamsters were released for Valentine's Day 2005. These hamsters, dressed in 50's style outfits, sang love songs while their cheeks lit up and they danced.
  • An unknown year brought about hamsters dressed as NASCAR drivers who moved steering wheels as they danced. The interesting thing about them is that they danced to songs at a normal pitch!
  • They released a limited edition hamster named Sam out in 2003.
  • In 2002, Gemmy released 4 dancing hamsters as characters from the Rocky films. These were Rocky, Training Rocky, Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed. They featured slightly bigger boxes and each came with 3 sayings and 1 song.
  • In 2009, a Dancing Hamsters album was released, featuring high-pitched covers of songs such as: Thriller, Cha Cha Slide, I'm Yours, Single Ladies, and Love Story.
  • Legs the Football Crazy Hamster originally came from Manchester, England as said on the back of his box and hence his red/white theme.
  • The hamsters hit the shelves again in 2016, they were sold at Publix and Spencer's.
  • Some Frogz and Dancing Hamsters share designs.
  • In 2003 there was a promotion where multiple dancing hamsters sang "We are Family" in addition to their normal song. Whether these hamsters are all Spaz, or all hamsters that were available during the promotion is currently unknown.


List Of Original 2001-2005 Hamsters

Hamster Song Year
Sleepy Simon Mr. Sandman 2001
Birthday Boy Happy Birthday 2001
Dapper Dan Puttin On The Ritz 2001
Gigolo Jo Just a Gigolo 2001
Larry Love I Think I Love You 2001
Phat Daddy Mac Rapper's Delight 2001
Wild Critter Cody Long Tall Texan 2001
Buck And Chuck Dueling Banjos 2001
Cletis and Claude Dueling Banjos 2003
Kung Fu Kung Fu Fighting (Nunchuck) 2001
Kung Fu Kung Fu Fighting (Mace) 2001
Kung Fu Kung Fu Fighting (Shield) 2001
Karate Kung Fu Fighting (Nunchuck) 2001
Karate Kung Fu Fighting (Mace) 2001
Karate Kung Fu Fighting (Shield) 2001
Jailhouse Rick Jailhouse Rock 2001
Wild Willie Born To Be Wild 2001
30th Birthday Get This Party Started 2003
40th Birthday Birthday 2002
40th Birthday When I’m 64 2007
50th Birthday Birthday 2002
80’s Drummer (Song Unknown) 2004
Angel Let It Snow 2005
Anniversary Happy Anniversary 2003
Apollo Creed Gonna Fly Now 2002
Bad Student Kung Fu Fighting 2004
Barber Ben Shaving Cream 2002
Beach Bum Good Vibrations 2003
Betty I Will Follow Him 2005
Big Man On Campus School's Out 2003
Birthday Boy II Happy Birthday 2001
Birthday Boy II Happy Birthday (Funtime Version) 2001
Birthday Girl Party All The Time 2003
Birthday Guy Get This Party Started 2003
Blue Blue Suede Shoes 2002
Bobby Soxer Rock Around The Clock 2003
Boots Don’t Tell My Heart 2003
Buck And Chuck II Dueling Banjos 2003
Buddy Birthday Birthday 2002
Buffy Mickey 2003
Bunny V1 My Little Bunny Loves Easter (Shortnin' Bread Parody) 2005
Bunny V2 Easter's Here 2005
Canadian O Canada 2003
Captain Carl Wild Blue Yonder 2003
Carly She Works Hard For The Money 2002
Celebration Celebration 2002
Celebration Celebration (Funtime) 2002
CEO Love Of Money 2003
Champ We Are The Champions 2002
Chick Chicken Dance 2002
Cleo Walk Like An Egyptian 2002
Clubber Lang Eye Of The Tiger 2003
Commencement Shout 2003
Cowboy Rawhide 2002
Cupid That’s Amore 2005
Dancer Jingle Bells 2003
Danny You Really Got Me 2005
Darrel Waltrip Born To Be Wild 2003
Devil Hot Hot Hot (With Heart) 2002
Devil Hot Hot Hot (No Heart) 2002
Didi It's In His Kiss 2005
Disco Don Shake Your Groove Thing 2002
Doc Bad Case Of Loving You 2002
Dr. Dunk Basketball Jones 2002
Dr. Love Bad Case Of Loving You 2003
Dreamer Dream A Little Dream 2003
Dutchie Pass The Dutchie 2002
Easter Chick V1 Chicken Dance 2005
Easter Chick V2 You Are My Sunshine 2005
Elf V1 Jingle Bells 2005
Elf V2 First Toy Maker To The King 2005
Fireman Hot Stuff 2003
Fisherman Going Fishing 2002
Fly Guy Hooked On A Feeling 2002
Frog V1 Easter Time (My Boyfriend's Back Parody) 2005
Frog V2 Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee 2005
Fun Girl Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2002
Funkmeister Give Up The Funk 2002
Grad Celebration 2003
Graduation Shout 2002
Grand Master Blaster Rockefeller Skank 2001
Greaser Rock Around The Clock 2003
Greg Biffle I Can’t Drive 55 2003
Greg Brady Brady Bunch Theme 2003
Grim Halloween Sayings 2003
Groom I'm Into Something Good 2003
Guisseppe Che La Luna 2002
Guy Ice Ice Baby 2002
Hal Mr. Roboto 2003
Hamster In A Red Dress Devil In Disguise 2003
Hamzilla Hamzilla (Godzilla parody) 2003
Harry San Francisco 2003
He Devil Hot Stuff 2003
Hokey Pokey Hokey Pokey 2003
Hombre La Cucaracha 2002
Hombre La Cucaracha (Funtime) 2002
It's A Boy Let's Hear It For The Boy 2003
It's A Girl My Girl 2003
J Tee We Are The Champions 2002
Jacque Ice Ice Baby 2002
Jamie Mc Murray Bad To The Bone 2003
Jan Brady Brady Bunch Theme 2003
Java Java Jive 2004
Jimbo Limbo Rock 2003
Karaoke Kim I Will Survive 2002
Kringle We Wish You A Merry Christmas 2002
Kurt Busch Born To Be Wild 2003
Lamb My Little Bunny Loves Easter (Shortnin' Bread Parody) 2005
Larry Love II I Think I Love You 2002
Legs Ole, Ole, Ole 2003
Leprechaun Come On Eileen 2002
Lil' Hamsta Dilemma 2003
Leroy Brown Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 2003
Looby Looby Loo 2006
Love L-O-V-E 2002
Love Machine Robot Love Machine 2003
Love Punch What Is Love 2002
Louie Louie, Louie 2003
Lowrider Shyler Low Rider 2002
Luigi That's Amore 2002
Luigi That’s Amore (Spinning Pizza) 2002
Mack Mack The Knife 2004
Macy What A Girl Wants 2003
Matt Kenseth Born To Be Wild 2003
Marcia Brady It’s A Sunshine Day 2003
Marshall The Fireman 2003
Marty Happy Together 2003
Maverick The Gambler 2003
Mitsu I Think I’m Turning Japenese 2003
Mona Respect 2003
Monster V1 Sharp Dressed Man 2003
Monster V2 Monster Mash 2003
Monster V3 Superfreak 2005
Murphy Wild Rover 2003
Nanako I Think I’m Turning Japanese 2003
Nigel I Want You To Want Me 2003
Officer Ron Bad Boys 2002
Over The Hill Happy Birthday Geezer 2002
Over The Hill Streetbeater 2007
Over The Hill Birthday 2004
Pamela Sunbather Perfect Day 2003
Party Animal Get This Party Started 2003
Patient Feeling Alright 2004
Peter Brady Time To Change 2003
Phat Daddy Mac II Rapper’s Delight 2002
Princess Dancing Queen 2002
Queenie Dancing Queen 2002
Red Long Haired Country Boy 2003
Red Baron Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron 2003
Ritz Puttin’ On The Ritz 2001
Rock Old Time Rock n Roll 2001
Rocky Eye Of The Tiger 2003
Roger Convoy 2002
Rox Game Of Love 2003
Rudy Jingle Bells 2002
Sailor Seymore Anchors Away 2003
Sam Tequilla 2003
Sandy I Know What Boys Like 2005
Sandman Mr. Sandman 2001
Santa V1 Merry Christmas Everybody 2005
Santa V2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 2002
Santa V3 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 2003
Sarge Bad Boys 2002
Sergei The Hockey Song 2002
Sexy Rex I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt 2001
Sgt. Murphy Marine Corps Hymn 2003
Sgt. Scruffy Caissons Go Rolling Along 2003
Sick In Bed (Song Unknown) 2004
Slick Sharp Dressed Man 2002
Smooth Ladies' Night 2002
Spaz She Blinded Me With Science 2003
Spooky Ghostbusters Theme 2002
Stephan The Hockey Song 2003
Suave Rico Suave 2004
Sugar Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2002
Sugar Ray Clay Gonna Fly Now 2002
Swinger It's Not Unusual 2003
Teacher ABC-123 2004
Teddy Ballgame Take Me Out To The Ballgame 2002
Tex Rawhide 2004
The Hamsterette Chapel Of Love 2003
Toga Shout 2002
Toy Soldier V1 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 2002
Toy Soldier V2 Jingle Bells 2005
Training Rocky Gonna Fly Now 2003
Turkey Somebody's Watching Me 2003
Uncle Sammie Yankee Doodle Boy (Short Fur) 2001
Uncle Sammie Yankee Doodle Boy (Long Fur) 2002
Valerie Fever 2005
Vampire V1 I Want You To Want Me 2005
Vampire V2 Get Down Tonight 2005
Vince Ain't Too Proud To Beg 2005
Werewolf Shake Your Groove Thing 2003
Werewolf V2 Clap For the Wolfman 2004
Whitey Play That Funky Music 2002
Witch V1 Evil Ways 2005
Witch V2 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2005
Wolfie (Song Unknown) 2004
Wild Critter Cody Jr. I Want To Be A Cowboy 2002
Yankee Doodle Yankee Doodle Boy 2004
(Name Unknown) YMCA 2004
(Name Unknown) Sleigh Ride 2005
Zeke Gonna Make You Sweat 2002


Dancing Hamster Reunion 2013

List of 2012-13 Hamsters

Hamster Wobblers (Sold at Target 2012):


Love Of Money

Friday v1 (Original pitch)

Walgreens 2012 Hamsters

Super Bass

Friday v2 (Hamster Pitch)

You Make Me Feel

Big Lots 2012 Hamsters

This Kiss

In Da Club

The Choice is Yours

Christmas 2012 Hamsters (Home Depot)

Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year

Christmas Wrapping

Up On The Housetop Rap

Jingle Bells Rap

Valentine 2013 Hamsters (CVS and Walgreens):

Call Me Maybe

Love You Like A Love Song

Just The Way You Are


Moves Like Jagger

Easter 2013 (CVS)

Easter Egg Hop

Imma Chick


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