(Gemmy)-Dancing Flowers-In The Mood

(Gemmy)-Dancing Flowers-In The Mood

Dancing Flowers in action

The Dancing Flowers are animated home decorations made in 1998-2000. Each set of flowers moves up and down and spin to a popular song. These were remade in 2015 for Mother's Day.

3 new additions to the collection were made in 2016.

List of dancing flowersEdit

-Original dancing flowers-"In the mood"

-Company B flowers-"Boogie woogie bugle boy"

-Poinsettias -"Rockin' around the Christmas tree"                                                                
Gemmy Dancing Flowers Pink Gerbera Daisies

Gemmy Dancing Flowers Pink Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies in action!

-Skull w/ black roses-"Death march funk" (which is actually a funky version of Frederic Chopin's "Death March")


-Sunflowers-"Heat wave"

-Red/Pink flowers-"In the summertime"

-Country flowers-"Cotton Eye Joe"

-Beach flowers-"California Sun"

-Tiki flowers-"Life Is A Rock"

-Turtle flowerpot- "If it makes you happy"

-Frog Flowerpot - "I'm Alright"

-Frog Flowerpot (Scuffed Variant) - "Spiders and Snakes"

-Yellow/white flowers-"In the mood"

-Yellow Gerbera Daisies-"Sunshine of my life"

-Purple Gerbera Daisies-"In the summertime"

-Pink Gerbera Daisies-"Walking on sunshine"

-Frosted Green glass-"Treasure"

-Frosted Blue glass-"Shout"

-Frosted White glass-"Walking on sunshine"

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