Buddy Big League is an animated singing dancing baseball player figure made in 2002. He features a team jersey with an MLB team logo on it and a baseball cap with the teams cap insignia as well. He also holds a baseball in his left hand and wears a baseball mitt in his right hand. He sings and dances to a rock n' roll version of the song "Take me out to the ballgame" and he also says a couple popular phrases from the 80's or 90's

Philadelphia Phillies, BUDDY BIG LEAGUE 17 Singing Figure

Buddy Big League in the box


Buddy Big League

Trivia Edit

-Like Rockin Randall, Buddy Big League is an animated revival of the classic 1960's MLB bobble head.

Gemmy Sports Series Animated "Buddy Big League" (New York Yankees) (1st One)

Gemmy Sports Series Animated "Buddy Big League" (New York Yankees) (1st One)

Buddy Big League in action


Like Rockin’ Randall, Buddy Big Leagues are numbered, here are the quantities for each team, they pretty much are all rare but not as rare as the Yankees, Mariners, Mets, and Red Sox. (not complete yet)

Anaheim Angels (V1) - ?

Anaheim Angels (V2) - 4,200

Arizona Diamondbacks - 18,000

Atlanta Braves - 12,000

Baltimore Orioles - 6,000

Boston Red Sox - 27,000

Chicago Cubs - 12,000

Chicago White Sox - 6,000

Cincinnati Reds - 6,000

Cleveland Indians - 18,000

Colorado Rockies - 5,400

Detroit Tigers - 3,000

Florida Marlins - ?

Houston Astros - ?

Kansas City Royals - 3,000

Los Angeles Dodgers - 12,000

Milwaukee Brewers - ?

Minnesota Twins - ?

Montreal Expos - ?

New York Mets - 24,000

New York Yankees - 45,000

Oakland Athletics - 4,200

Philadelphia Phillies - 3,600

Pittsburgh Pirates - 5,400

San Diego Padres - 3,600

San Francisco Giants - 12,000

Seattle Mariners - 30,000

St. Louis Cardinals - 12,000

Tampa Bay Devil Rays - 3,000

Texas Rangers - 6,000

Toronto Blue Jays - 3,000

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