The life size Bony Tony was made in 2016. He is a 5ft posable skeleton and has 2 modes. Mode 1: Microphone activated. Simply speak into the included microphone and watch as his mouth moves to your words and his eyes and spine light up. Mode 2: Motion activated. Simply walk by and watch as he says one of 3 phrases. However, Bony Tony sold poorly because he lacked any sort of singing or dancing animations, and the price was too high. Gemmy had plans to release a swamp version of Bony Tony, but the project was cancelled and it never saw the light of day.

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Life size Bony Tony

Phrases Edit

  • "Where's my mommy ?"
  • "How about some candy ?"
  • "More please !"

Trivia Edit

This is the first life-size in 7 years to have a microphone feature

This was the first life-size Gemmy prop since 2012 to arrive in a Spirit Halloween superstore in 2016.

5 ft

5 ft. Life Size Animated KD-Bony Tony with Mic

Bony Tony in action

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Bony Tony's microphone

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Life Size Swamp Bony Tony

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