The life size Beheaded Bride was made in 2008-2009. There are 3 different versions: Wedding With Short Dress, Wedding With Long Dress, and Gothic. The wedding versions wear a white wedding dress with short brown hair. The Gothic version wears a black and red dress with long brown hair. When activated, she moves side to side as her eyes blink and light up, and she moves her mouth.

Trivia Edit

  • Instead of having a try-me button on her base, there is a try me button on her left arm.
  • The motion sensor is in the neck instead of the base.
  • The gothic version has detailing on the neck stump, while the wedding version does not.
  • She has about 4 unreleased phrases. These phrases were included on the Gemmy Bride and Groom Cloche.
  • There was a Halloween Hang-up version of this lifesize, with the same phrases.

Normal Beheaded Bride

Phrases Edit

  • "Hello. Have you come for my wedding ? I can't..I can't find my bouquet. Where am I ?"
  • "There you are. I'm ready when you are. This has been the happiest day of my..of my (Cries)"
  • "Does my hair look nice ? I just want everything to be..perfect..even though (Cries)"

Unreleased phrases Edit

  • "Is my gown on straight? It's so beautiful. Mother will be so proud of me. I'm so.. happy."
  • "He must be here somewhere. He must be here. Where is he? Its our special day. I... have to find him.
  • "I know you! You're the one! You're the one who... no! No,no,no! *sobbing*
  • ¨be careful tonight. there`s something...out there. something...something...bad.¨
    Gothic Beheaded Bride Halloween Prop

    Gothic Beheaded Bride Halloween Prop

    Gothic variant

Gemmy Animated Halloween Hang Up Bride

Gemmy Animated Halloween Hang Up Bride

Halloween Hang-Up version


Gothic Beheaded Bride

Gemmy life size beheaded bride

Gemmy life size beheaded bride

Beheaded Bride in action

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